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Advanced Communication Integration

Dentistry Blog and Dental Seminar Video Compilation

Boost the dental health of your community with a higher level communication strategy. Sitting on your hands, hiding out or waiting for the right opportunity will put your dental practice behind the revenue eight ball. Niche Dental provides the marketing expertise you need to stay viable and even thrive in this economic environment.

For dental communication coaching or advanced marketing consulting services, CONTACT Dick Chwalek of Niche Dental.

Dental Marketing Coaching - Video Blog Text

Dick Chwalek Dentist Coach & Marketing Consultant

Advanced Dentistry Communication Integration

November Seminar Location: Meharry Nashville

Advanced Communication Integration

My Hosts

Walter Owens, D.D.S.

MMC School of Dentistry, Junior DPM Class

Are You SPEAKING OUT? Or Hiding Out?

Special Dentistry Marketing Video Blog Compilation

The Value of Dentistry in a Down Economy

Avoid Dental Visit Dead-Air, Patient No Shows, End Appointment Cancellations

Advanced Communication Strategies for Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Practices

Boost Consumer Health • Integrated Communication

Boost Practice Revenues • Advanced Smile Makeover Marketing

Okay, Consumers Are Buying Less

Should Dentists Market Less, Too?

Dick Chwalek • Marketing Coach

Be Cautious, Hold Off, Makes Sense?

Wait Till Climate Gets Better or...

Maybe? It is is True the Economy IS Contracting

Yet, The Consumer's Still Buying • Just Not Buying Like Before

What Overpowers Economics? Dentistry Communication Consulting

They, The Consumer Matters More-Money Pales In Comparison

Cutting Back Has A Boundary • Don't Get Stuck Between Rock & Hard Place

Dick Chwalek, Dental Consultant

Know This: Money Will Appear When Life Calls

All Hands On Deck! • CALL 866-453-1026

Be Proactive! • Not MIA

Keep Focused On Health • Stay Away From Generic Dental Marketing!

Cosmetic Dentistry is Wanted But... Health Has A Deep History

Dental Team and Practice Communication Integration

Avoid Creating Dissonance •<

For Advanced Success • Be More Than Their Dental Memories

Choose Value-Based Dental Marketing

Simplifying Complexity • CALL 866-453-1026

Nothing's Really Similar • Dental Diagnosis Difference

Advanced Dentistry Marketing Consulting

28+ Times MANY Dental Treatment Fallacies • Marketing Coaching

They Know • You Follow? • CALL 866-453-1026

How's My Dental Diagnosis?

But Challenge Patients? Dick Chwalek: Consultant

Caution: Risky Dynamics! Enhanced Communication

Dental Care and Insurance Coverage Misperceptions Often Rule

Quash Confidence Erosion Create New Preconceptions!

Bystander Dentists Watch Out! Integrated Communication

Times Have Changed! Now Your Neighbors Don't Know You

Boost Up Your Marketing!

Plan Success: Integrate Chwalek: Dental Coach

More Prepared-More Trust • Advanced Marketing

Build Your Expertise Value •

Respect Status Quo • Strategically Insert Advances

Get Specific Marketing • CALL 866-453-1026

Generic Insures Dental Fear • However, Status Quo Squatting Enables

Dick Chwalek, Dentist Coach • Integrated Dental Marketing

Before You Remove Mercury • Eliminate Generic from Your Image

Avoid The Downturn • Change Your Success Route

You Must Communicate Better • CALL 866-453-1026

Expertise Underground? Enhanced Communication Sunlight Recommended

Hiding Out Also Means Public Health Suffers

Cause No Harm, Engage!

Speak Out...

Communication is





Speak Out More Effectively

CALL 866-453-1026

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