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Connective Communication©

A Primer By Dick Chwalek,

  • Dentist-Client Case Study

The concept of Connective Communication¬© incorporates these elements: improvers, gatherers and creators. The communication structure is visualized with these elements: a Pie Chart, three color slices and the π symbol  – image below.

This formula takes into account both simplicity and complexity in defining a path towards communication and marketing ongoing success, internally and publicly.

Connective Communication Formula Pi Chart Logo

The ‘extra decimal’ elements in the Connective Communication¬© (Pi & 3.14+) formula refers to various marketing elements that are somewhat or totally anchorless. The intersection of the pie chart colors represents where communication interacts, often making each element much more powerful and effective.

These areas of marketing can be separated generally but never are they completely independent. When independent  ‘value’ is purported – “Our dental marketing tactic/product/system works better” –  dentists must flee as fast as clinically possible! Only working in one marketing area has short and long term consequences. This concept is relevant for both marketing to consumers and dentists purchasing marketing. 

The interaction of these basic elements demonstrates how dentistry marketing is both simple and complex. However, often it is simplified in areas where it should NOT be and made complex in other situations to engender some level of superiority. These tactics make both dentists (customers of marketing) and dental consumers very susceptible to proceeding with ineffective and inappropriate solutions.

Some of the buyer beware statements to watch for are ‘guaranteed’ and ‘money back’ offers.  This type of promotion does not always delegitimize the offer, but like any ‘advertising promise’ the restrictions are often the iceberg of complexity underneath.

Simplicity in this environment should be a watchword for the sticky wicket of complexity that hampers trust development. Because dental treatment is different than most other services (delay, denial, fear…) marketing of dentistry has to be even more above board to generate proper levels of trust.

There are some ‘generic’ advertising services and products that work in most situations. However, it has a short half life once competition increases and/or the economy/local environment changes. This is where the dentist and dental practices needs to employ customization and do more than merely add the ‘next best’ technology/marketing gimmick.

Many dentists want a simplified concept that is as close to ‘automated’ as possible so as not to deal with it in any ongoing manner (supposed save time, worry, headaches. etc). This is a major reason why Yellow Page advertising was very appealing for many years. One time a year the dentist develops an ad and then dental patients roll in for a year effortlessly.

The Internet made the concept of simplicity is even more attractive. Unfortunately, online services have many characteristics that create an unbalanced perspective about the potential of marketing. Because much of the activity and details are viewable and accessible 24/7 there is a belief generated that you can do it yourself and/or it can be nearly free to make lots of money.

But the reality of online marketing is more like the right side rearview mirror in a car: dental marketing is not a simple as it appears. The approaching traffic of marketing complexity collision is only hammered home after many thousands of dollars, hours and MIA new patients. 

Getting in ‘at the right time’ can create success, but most of us get there just as the market is on its way down, obviously. Conversely, slow and steady only wins the race when there is a successful strategy in the driver’s seat.

Connective Communication© is a marketing formula that combines a simplified structure with the complex reality of a progressively implemented, comprehensive strategy.

Simplified in its basic elements, the complexity of Connective Communication¬© comes in the form of our brains reducing everything to simplicity, which requires a grueling learning curve reversal (aka: beating head against the wall)  until we are going in the right direction.

Simply trying to ‘get in’ at the right time means running into the oncoming traffic of complexity as we drive the wrong way on the oneway street of reality. What Connective Communication does is provide a platform based on the simple truths of marketing effectively blended with real life complexity that makes long term success possible.

Interested in knowing more? We should talk. If you are comfortable using Skype, a video consult gets things real. Either way, phone or video… You will get more details. Contact me to set up a consult. 

Afterwards, I send some information. See evidence of Connective Communication’s value. Review my coaching and consulting agreements. Make your decision. Then we can start building your links to a connected patient and consumer base for your dental expertise and services.

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