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Dentists: Change. Change.

Change the Dynamic!


This Niche Dental video, featuring my dentist client's testimonial as well as Direct Mail Expert, Oli Gonsalves, shows dentists why CHANGE is needed, and what DYNAMIC Change can do.

Dental marketing can be developed in many, many, many ways. And those multiple flings at the wall are the problem!

Marketing for dental offices is often presented as a quick fix and/or the dentist desires a fast, low cost and comprehensive solution. Both strategies are easily accepted because there are very few rules to determine a benchmark that is consistently provable.


Connective Communication© provides a consistent network of elements that make benchmarking possible. Think Community Communication rather than 'Marketing Stuff' to avoid being drawn toward buying into 'simple solutions' to put everything right again for your dental office.

Every 'communication' element, from postcards, online advertising to videos, websites, logos/branding and external marketing, has its place. Change the Dynamic by creating a 'connective' environment to drawn in more patients and increase the value consumers see in dental services.

Start Now.

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Dick Chwalek

Dental Communication Consultant

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Postcards Marketing Results for New Patients

This video presentation shows the reality of putting the ‘best pieces’ together for my client (and a dentist like you) to generate actual, positive results...

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Dentists, Where Could You Get New Patients From?

Well, let’s now sift through all the options to try, and try and again to figure out what the h_ll a dentist should do...

    1) Patient, Team, Specialists Referrals...

    2) Practice Signage or brochures...

    3) Direct mailings like postcards, newsletters, flyers and other mailers...

    4) Advertisements in Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Magazines and other print publications...

    5) Commercials on broadcast TV, Cable Television, Local Radio Stations and other ‘traditional electronic’ media...

    6) Out of Home/Outdoor advertising like billboards, shopping carts, gas pump displays, mall posters, workout gym fixed and video displays, movie theaters and other non-online venues...

    7) Online marketing such as Bing, Yahoo, Google Adwords and other PPC advertising...

    8) Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Digg, Ning, and other online social and search networks...

    9) YouTube, MetaCafe and other video websites...

    Finally, Your Dental office website...

Niche Dental and Connective Communication© provides the ability to refine the wealth of advertising options, online and off, creating a reality of dentistry, dental and dentists success: more patients, more health, more revenues.


Dick Chwalek


From Beginning to Success!

A Client Story, Dentist Brian Klym

In this video presentation, Dentist, Brian Klym, Results Expert, Oliver Gonsalves, and Dental Consultant, Dick Chwalek explain the value of direct mail (postcards) in the success of his dental office, going on three years.


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The Connective Communication© Difference

THREE Dimensional System

Freed From Generic, Founded on Value, Focused On Success


  1. Reliable, Credible Consistency
  2. Four Influential Communication Bedrocks:
  3. Exceptional Budgeting: Flexible, Scalable & Accountable


Connective Communication©

    1. Relationship began August 2008 with New Logo and Website development.
    2. Elements scaled up and phased in at client pace with goals in place.
    3. Complete 'Connective' approach achieved June 2009.
    4. Improving Results Recorded by February 2009!
    5. Average 33+ New Patients Per Month Since at least September 2009.
    6. 22+ Months Straight Growth 10%+
    7. Starting Mid 2009 - Overthrowing the Downturn!
    8. Alone in the Pack - of 500 dentist 'group' – Only dentist with upward sales!
    9. June 2010 Best June EVER!



Niche Dental Liaison Oli Gonsalves


Oli can answer many of your questions.

Then set up a meeting with me and/or Oli - depending on your needs/requests



Dick Chwalek

Dentist Marketing Coach & Dentistry Communication Consultant



Comprehensive Dentistry: Traverse City Michigan Dentists Video

About 50% of the population avoid going to dentists, averaging two years between dental visits, and of course, some people stay away from dentistry offices for decades. Some of these people have had bad experiences, are fearful, have anxiety, just not enough time, etc.

Waiting extra years means more dental work is needed when the person finally decides to come in. Dr. Brian Klym and his Northwood Dental Team – located in northwest Michigan – provide various benefits to those people from a comfortable dental office environment to oral sedation dentistry.

The video provides a visual synopsis of those benefits.

Dr. Brian Klym of Traverse City Michigan explains his approach and the many benefits his Northwood Dental office provides the community.

Dr. Klym offers his patients Complete Dentistry with a deep experience in maintaining oral health with preventive checkups, restoring bite/jaw strength with implants, tooth saving with root canals, smile makeover veneers, whitening smiles, Invisalign orthodontic braces, painless treatment with sedation and calm, comfortable environment.


His entire team is prepared to exceed your expectations of what dental care can be.

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