The Niche Strategy

The Niche Practice Strategy

The extensive Dental CE credits you've racked up. The copious quantities of new dental technology you've installed. And substantial team training hours you've undertaken are about to be accessed by an onslaught of dental consumers.

How do you achieve this "big line at the door" result? It's really pretty simple: start doing LESS. The consumer is overwhelmed by everyday life. The only way to standout is by simplifying what they need to know about your expertise.

Everyone needs a dentist. Sadly, many people put it too far down the priority ladder because they are human like us. Procrastination, denial and fear keep us from getting things done when we should or at all. A niche gets the message across in a value building way, encouraging a proactive response

Most dentists offer dental services to the masses. Some get a new technology and standout for a couple months. Others promote "general" cosmetic dentistry. But overall it is a wide focus. And the consumer puts you in the same boat as every other dentist. More importantly, the value of your dental expertise is lost at sea in this generic fog.

Pursuing a niche practice strategy is a powerful advantage when coupled with consistent, repetition of your core messages.

Narrow the conversation to improve brand recall. Build value with communication consistency. Be proactively repetitive to prevent dental care priority decay.

It's time! Wipe generic dentistry from their eyes. Put your expertise out where they can see it. We can help you define your dental niche and refine your communication.

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