Consulting Services

Consulting Services

What should I do? When a dentist asks this general question, my recommendation for lasting success is advanced dental marketing consulting or at minimum, dental communication coaching. Even if you "just" want a dental website, logo, or brochure, consulting gives you a competitive edge. Technology quickly stagnates without good human-based ideas to enhance them.

Consulting works best when you want more than just the basic solution, to be more than “another dentist” marketing. Some Niche Dental consulting clients are first time marketers or have little proactive marketing experience. Others have handled their own marketing for years, but now want someone else to take them to the next level.

Effective consulting or coaching requires giving up some control within a very collaborative relationship. There are many off-the-shelf dental marketing strategies, which might get the phones ringing, but have diminishing returns when a competitor employs the same concept. Consulting is not about creating an automatic marketing program; it is for dentists who want to build and strengthen their business.

Consulting is for the dentist with a desire to differentiate their treatment style, quality, and expertise. This differentiation will enhance awareness in the value of their services, create proactive consumer responses, and generate commensurate revenues.

Should you choose consulting or a product or program? Luckily, with Niche Dental, your options are almost unlimited. We can get your marketing on a healthy trajectory; then upgrade as it makes sense.

Like dental patients, there are various levels of need and options, from fixing one tooth or basic whitening to six porcelain veneers or a complete treatment plan and smile makeover.

Below -- choose the level of assistance or option that best fits your current situation.

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Get Started "Recommendation" Session

Start or enhance your marketing exactly how, where, and in what manner you need, now! Whether it is your first dental website or you want a powerful marketing idea to boost your patient base, I will help you get it right.

Get your start up recommendation; then move to seamless integration and proactive enhancement with consulting. Review those services below.

Schedule your 30-minute session: Call 866-453-1026 Ext 251 or EMAIL

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