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Writing is simple. Anyone can do it. The difficulty is in making the transition from “doing it” to achieving a desired effect.

The perfect example is most dental websites. They often have the “dental” content but few are able to move the visitor to act. If site visitors are acting, few ask for more than minimum dental services. Some dentistry writing might manage a good "prep", but is without aesthetic impact.

Niche Dental approaches writing as you would a dental patient’s health. There are many things you hope to accomplish, but saving as many teeth as possible is paramount. After that however, you want to move the patient to stable, confident, gleaming health!

While simple words like FREE and HALF OFF NOW can “save a tooth or two”, good dentistry writing requires no gimmicks to succeed. It builds the dentist’s expertise and influences the dental consumer to demand the value it offers them.

Why do consumers often settle for “whatever gets me by” dentistry? I say it is because they are mostly exposed to the lowest common denominator of dental marketing writing. Go beyond the ordinary and your patients will as well!

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