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Local media and high profile community opinion leaders need and want to know about your services. Why? They want to be out in front of their "constituents".

However, when it comes to dentistry, they are not scheduling appointments regularly to find out what is missing in their understanding of what is now possible. Therefore, you need to put a public face on your practice.

While roadblocks to "get their ear" exist, Niche Dental uses a full court press to counter those impediments. For media outlets, there is only a certain amount of time in the day to develop stories that are "worthy" to be covered. Television newscasts are even more time restrictive. Opinion leaders have many issues to consider.

To breakthrough these barriers, Niche Dental uses the approaches that work best in each situation and community. Developing a "Public Awareness" campaign with many facets is crucial to gaining the leadership status many dentists are seeking.

Using Niche Dental marketing & advertising strategies, which include keeping your referral agents informed and making the media conscious of your efforts and advancements, can transform your image from a neighborhood dentist to a dental expert.

Dental Consultant Dick Chwalek goes beyond the one-time "got the new technolgy" concepts. This is Dental PR with staying power!

Dental Public Relations is effective when it is approached like any other type of communication: pertinent-to-the-consumer, consistent, comprehensive. To develop your local PR strategy, schedule a complimentary consult: Email or call 866-453-1026

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