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To achieve the patient flow results many practices require, a consistent public relations effort is essential. While the internal dental referral network is vital, it is the public communication loop that has exponential patient flow potential!

What is usually recalled about dental PR is it can be free. Obviously, “free” is the preferred method, but it is the most infrequent. Ongoing public relations is most valuable. The 6pm news "high-tech" blurb can offer respectable results, but often fizzles quickly in the clutter of that recurring theme.

Niche Dental sees public relations in all communication. News releases are only one source. PR is your referral network, community involvement, dental advertising, Internet strategy, and all media interactions.

Weaving public relations throughout the dental marketing mix is vital in this hyperactive, ever-changing consumer environment. Dental care complexity, insurance reliance challenges, and an overabundance of choices require consistent and assertive communication strategies.

One big newspaper article or a TV appearance is exciting, but the value of a “homerun” is often diminished by a lack of follow up. Niche Dental employs every element of your image, background, and marketing to penetrate the barriers erected by consumers and society in general.

Review how various Public Relations strategies can influence consumers and patients. Make your expertise much more relevant, credible and valid to their lives.

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