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Dental Brand Development

Your dental brand should explain who you are, why you are, and what you are able to do. You should do this visually, logically, and emotionally.

braces_invisalign_hackettstown_nj_cosmetic_dentistry_orthodontics_cropCommunicating in this way provides the consumer with the whole story. Successful dental branding is not manipulation. It is about the reality of how people make decisions. Few people quit smoking because it is bad for them. Consumers often don't proceed with dental treatment merely because their teeth will fall out (or even are falling out).

Dental visit fears, procrastination, and denial are not easily overcome. Niche Dental focuses on reducing these roadblocks by communicating in an assertive, professional, human, and comprehensive way. The right brand prepares the ground for more fruitful action.

TPV_designed_Renstrom_LabProgram_FRONT_BigPostcards_Mailed_Express_Dental_Marketing_cropYour Dental Brand involves almost everything you are about...

  • Dental Logos
  • Public Persona
  • The Practice "Story"
  • Messages Presented
  • The Story Your Patients Tell
  • Visual Image/Presentation (from stationery to clothing)
  • Customer Service Approach
  • The Dental Team
  • Dental Practice Environment (decor, etc.)
  • Dentist's Value/Belief System
  • Dental Practice Location
  • Dentist's Credentials
  • Continuing Education (Dental CE)
  • Community Involvement
  • Dental Associations

> READ expanded Dental Branding Development article. 

Niche Dental offers individualized brand management to create strategic, long-term value: Email or call to schedule a complimentary: 866-453-1026

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