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Posted by niche on Dec 24, 2018


Welcome to Monday's… Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


How the program ended Thursday, 07-19… 

Twitter should be used by dentists, using my services, as a way to engage local people on a consistent/frequent basis to develop trust, loyalty, and dentistry value perceptions. It's the only way to make headway locally on Twitter. Take your dental practice to the next level!



There is a wider, deeper and more expansive Twitter out there if you want to pursue it. Dentists have a great opportunity to expand their presence on Twitter and locally. By utilizing my community building approach, dental offices can reach out to local people in the area.

It's a simple approach requiring personalized consistency to reach the goal of increasing awareness on the dentist's Twitter and in the local community. My Twitter services also provide a wide range of extras for improving online dental presence. It's an entire suite of services.

Approaching Twitter as to dental care services, one big question must be answered first. What is the viability of being on Twitter if it doesn't offer something different than Facebook or Google? Twitter is public focused, not friends and family. It is not search focused either.

Dental practices are not famous musicians, everyday products, or vacations. They are doctors' offices, where "serious" things are done. Yes, practices can be made much more comforting to patients, but they are not part of "consumerism", so a different marketing focus is needed.

Marketing is communication. Communication doesn't work if people don't take an interest in what you are offering. To approach someone about dentistry if they aren't directly searching for it, requires an intermediary introduction. That's what my Twitter marketing services offer.

The introduction is done by initiating a reciprocation campaign. Basically I retweet the tweets of local businesses, individuals and media. By recognizing the content of these Twitterers, the dental practice is achieving an introduction of a sort. These invitations are powerful.

Each contact or invitation shows the dentist's appreciation of their content, and binds the recipients to the dental practice. How much they are bound to the practice is multi-faceted, but each time the practice retweets the Twitterer's content will tighten the binding together.

My Twitter marketing services provide a consistent, frequent, and comprehensive approach to increasing the value of Twitter for dental practices. My services are $575/month. Contact me today to find out more about building a local community on Twitter.


That's The End Of Today's… 

Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


Richard The Chwalek 

Please contact me, RTC, via this email:


Eco@nichedental•com for more info on my recognition to reciprocation strategy.


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