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Posted by niche on Nov 26, 2018

A Periscope Flashback  

A Recent Periscope By Richard The Chwalek, posted 4-16-2018!

*** I talk about the A 3 Part Outline – Noted Below – Twitter #Marketing for #Dentists:

1) First mover strategy

2) 3 same old same olds: this is our #business, we offer services, we're great

3) #Interactions


Twitter Marketing for Dentists Main Elements:

  1. Creating Local Community
  2. Building Trust
  3. Developing Loyalty
  4. Increasing Value

Plus some complementary text

Welcome to… Monday's Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


How the Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour ended on Thursday, 4-09-2018

My services are not for every dentist in every situation, but the advantages of reaching out to many local people on a regular basis and developing extended relationships is very powerful. I suggest you contact me to find out more about all the benefits of my expansive service.


Got in another production on my Periscope today. I presented my Twitter Marketing For Dentists approach in a more concise segment (6 minutes). I hope you enjoy my video presentation. Please provide me feedback. video

The point I try to regularly get across is that dentists must focus locally, actually interact with locals on Twitter on a consistent basis or the impact of less isn't worth the effort. And since it's dentistry, there must be a greater emphasis on NOT emphasizing dentistry.

Dentistry is vital, but avoiding dentistry avoidance is more vital. Dentists need people to be consciously aware of dentistry before they will accept the value proposition dentists put forward. So dentists must engage people on different levels not just the doctor version.

If we consider dental marketing in the frame of a treatment plan, there must be buy-in at the very beginning or presentation of the plan is often rejected. Yet the beginning should start very early, and happen in various ways to prepare for the beginning. Be more than ready.

The real beginning starts before any exam, meeting doctor, showing up at the front desk, even before calling or entering the practice, and that can be accomplished via Twitter. Unless trust is present, it's unlikely dentist a can or should present a treatment plan "successfully".

My Twitter approach for dentists spreads goodwill throughout the community. Local business owners, individual, and media all appreciate being recognized by other local businesses. Think about every retweet you get from an actual Twitter account. You appreciate each and every one!

Dentists don't want to "push" a treatment plan on unsuspecting patients–but they also don't want one refused due to unwarranted mistrust. Yet trust as to dentistry needs more build up than a dentist's expertise or persuasive abilities. Dentistry requires a high level of trust.

That said, even an initial exam may require a lot of trust rebuilding. Those who are off the grid due to issues with pain, anxieties or broken trust can also be influenced via an asymmetric awareness campaign on Twitter. Dentists should contact me for more information!


That's The End Of Today's…

Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


Richard The Chwalek

Please contact me, RTC, via this email address:


Eco@nichedental•com for more info on my recognition to reciprocation strategy.

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