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Posted by niche on Nov 05, 2018


Welcome to Thursday's… Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


How the program ended Wednesday of last week, 07-18… 

Finally, the service fee is $575/month, three month minimum. Dentists can expect a continuous, & comprehensive search for local Twitterers to engage with. Additionally, 4 of every 5 tweets focused on engaging local Twitterers as well as various bonus links, posts, and other SEO.



Much that we do online is preparatory. Tweeting takes just a click. But what are we prepping for? As I write this, I'm preparing to convince dentists who are following me to purchase my Twitter marketing service. Dentists are trying to convince who? Their patients? Followers?

Dentists must be about convincing new people who are locally based to use their dental care services. Yet, if few local people are following closely, preparing time will usually be wasted time. Automation may remove most of the preparation, but it adds nothing to the outcome.

The outcome dentists require is new patients. Twitter isn't set up to be a local communication tool as a 1st priority. It is initially a message launching platform. Each tweet is much more likely to be seen by some who is non-local rather than local. So a 2nd level is needed.

Without pursuing a 2nd level strategy on Twitter, dentists will be missing out on an entire dimension of possibilities. What fuels up the core for dentists on Twitter is directly connecting up with many individuals and entities. When this is achieved, much more can be initiated.

There is nothing mysterious about this process, but it does require some draining of the status quo tank. "Everybody else" does it another way for one simple reason, many don't know better. Also a great portion on Twitter have a national/international potential customer base.

Unless a dentist is getting upwards of 50% of their sales online, as in products, Twitter's top priority level service isn't going to help much. It's the 2nd level process that dentists need to plug into, where they are engaging with local people, and businesses. It's what I do!

Bringing Twitterers into the fold must be done on a wide basis to effect the change dentists require to be successful on Twitter. Dentists must think about Twitter differently than other services. Yes, it's a message launching pad, but that's only its most obvious feature.

Twitter should be used by dentists, using my services, as a way to engage local people on a consistent/frequent basis to develop trust, loyalty, and dentistry value perceptions. It's the only way to make headway locally on Twitter. Take your dental practice to the next level!


That's The End Of Today's… 

Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


Richard The Chwalek 

Please contact me, RTC, via this email:


Eco@nichedental•com for more info on my recognition to reciprocation strategy.


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