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Posted by niche on Oct 08, 2018

A Periscope Flashback  

A Recent Periscope By Richard The Chwalek, posted 4-09-2018!

*** I talk about the A General Outline of my Twitter #Marketing for #Dentists:


Twitter Marketing for Dentists Main Elements:

  1. Creating Local Community
  2. Building Trust
  3. Developing Loyalty
  4. Increasing Value

Plus some complementary text

Welcome to… Thursday's Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


First, how the Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour ended on Tuesday


NOTE: There was no program yesterday, Monday.


Everything dentists do as to marketing should be focused on developing more new dental consumers, or reactivate those who are follow off the grid due to anxieties, misconceptions or drifted away for various reasons. Twitter is the perfect place to reach out using my services.


Dental marketing on Twitter is a different beast. Don't think of it the same way other marketing is presented. Rather than merely rolling one wheel down the road, it's time to get four wheels, make a cart, & deliver all your produce to the distant market. Tweeting is one wheel.

So you tweet out messages about your dental practice and the services you offer. It's just not enough. You are probably wasting your time. My Twitter marketing services engage local people who are very receptive to the interaction because it benefits them, and the dentist.

Twitter becomes very stale if all dentists do is tweet their info into the ether where few notice what dentists are doing. Directly interacting offers so much more. Imagine 50 to 100 promotional leaders in & around your dental practice thinking about, & promoting, you weekly or more! Directly interacting is at least 10 X as powerful as any dental practice tweeted message people MAY read. So instead of maybe nobody reading, make sure 50 to 100 people know about your practice & think about your brand many times a month, every month, & greatly appreciate it!

Dentists can create super powered local promoters on Twitter by using my services. My approach is straightforward, local and very positive. Twitterers want to be recognized, so I retweet their content, in "edited" form, so the dentist's brand is featured = subtle branding.

The "edited form" retweet is vital, especially for dentists. Due to the anxiety & misperceptions associated with dentistry in a significant portion of the population, dentists must be neighbors first on Twitter. No dentist would approach a new neighbor hand a biz card & leave.

It's why the subtle approach is required. The "edited form" retweet is branded with the dentist's avatar, but there is no blatant expectation of being sold to. This means anxiety is lessened. If dentists are promoting the neighbor, misperceptions are also set aside initially.

Everyone wins. Dentists get to know more local neighbors. Neighbors appreciate the retweets. Dentists develop external referral agents, awareness is enhanced, & people get more receptive to accept more dentistry. Community, trust & loyalty are built up, improved & beneficial.

My services are not for every dentist in every situation, but the advantages of reaching out to many local people on a regular basis & developing extended relationships is very powerful. I suggest you contact me to find out more about all the benefits of my expansive service.


That's The End Of Today's…

Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


Richard The Chwalek

Please contact me, RTC, via this email address:


Eco@nichedental•com for more info on my recognition to reciprocation strategy.

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