What Two Patients Say, Hopp Family Dentistry

Posted by niche on Oct 08, 2018

Read what two patients say about Hopp Family Dentistry in Gillette, Wyoming!

• Friendly Atmosphere, Genuine Concern

• Yes, A Broncos Logo On Her Crown! 


• Friendly Atmosphere, Genuine Concern

“I have been a patient of Dr. Hopp for nearly 25 years. From extensive dental work to routine cleaning; each and every visit to that office is a positive experience. I was a 34-year-old with a paralyzing fear of dentists on my first visit.

That paranoia was gone after the first few visits. Not only Dr. Hopp, but the entire staff has a way of making you feel like you’re the only one that matters. The friendly atmosphere along with the genuine concern of this office is extraordinary.

I also appreciate their expertise in dentistry, as it saved me from many referrals. I now have my wife coming to Dr. Hopp. After one visit to Dr. Hopp’s office for a consultation – she transferred immediately, after being with her dentist for many years.” – Our Patient Tony


• Yes, A Bronco’s Logo On Her Crown!

“My experiences with the dental practice of Dr. John Hopp have been one of a kind. We have been going to Dr. Hopp so long we saw him lose his first hair and his last hair. Don’t know much about his teeth but he has done wonders for us.

My wife sports a crown with a Broncos logo on it thanks to Dr. Hopp. She is very proud of it and we could not be more pleased with everything his practice has done for us. The staff here is like a family to us. Knowing we can call on a weekend and get help at the office in an emergency is worth a gold medal in itself.

Everyone here is so pleasant and courteous. We look forward to going for our check-ups and we don’t have to wait once you get there. If you do have to wait a little bit, you can always find someone up front to shoot the breeze with.” - Our Patient

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