Branding for Dentist Offices: More Than Logos

Posted by niche on Apr 23, 2012


A Dental Logo is only ONE part of a dentist's brand.

First, successful dental branding is NOT manipulation. It is about the reality of how people make decisions. Focus somewhere else, and achieve nothing new or better, or as a business, gather much less revenues.

Most importantly, a dental brand should explain who you/the dentist are, why you are, and what you are able to do, and how well you are able/qualified to do it. It must be created and regularly expounded in a unique style while effectively referencing your specific expertise.

This should be done visually, logically as well as emotionally, yet appropriately, as to how it is described by your dentistry patients. It also must be developed comprehensively and consistently, detail by detail and then rinse (update) and repeat...

The concept of stick it up there on the website of nearly forever and leave it with some cute refrains takes me to:


A Dental Brand Website Content Development Aside

  • dsg_front_insert_TPV_NicheDental_topIncluding, I Must Confide, Some Snide 

Unfortunately, too many dental marketing guru ruse-sters and web no insight-ers think brevity always trumps lengthy. While these purveyors of petite postings may be right in 'their' specific, privatized instances, they miss the sign posts of general public relativity: Nothing is simple unless you pile on tons.  

Basically, you need all of it -- everything that's reliable included in your expertise and dentistry in general, cosmetic, etc. -- for the public and patients to understand what is really going on. Dentists need to translate their dentistry reality into the consumer's specific perceptions, or as many of them as can be produced.

If dentists merely let a write-everything-with-an-8th-grader in-mind advertising copywriter extract out their version of what makes the best branding concept, dentists merely get the dental marketing gu-rusers understanding of dentistry.

Yes, long articles are not for everyone's consumption; except ones I finally finish. Yet, this not about writing for you the dentist, them the marketer or even the general consumer/patient of lore, bore and snore.

Successful branding for dentists is about reaching each and every person who might venture near a computer or mobile phone browser, and key in local dentists, cosmetic dentistry, dental offices, etc...

If this is not so, write this dental marketing consultant contrarian one even two short paragraphs (of 2 or 3 sentences each) for your main web pages that will attract more than a few consumers, similar to you, to your dental practice. This is where we/they, the dental consumer, would notice almost nothing except what is in front of the curtain, sheerly little of depth or unique appeal.

Content is king, not concise. Comprehensive wins the day not the obsession of compression... 

Dentists who may have an English Major or general (Eng Profs) as a patient will wince and maybe even weep at words too cheap like how their noses look down on this heap, but those dentists should just plead arrogance... or some other nonsense that's familiar to me or similar to something appropriate contritely concise and not as over dyed, contrived and snide. 


NOTE: This prosed preponderance is not about junk SEO content, or Search Engine Optimization specifically or ponderously proposed. Except this post and sentence fragment. This type of brand development writing is the best method to splice and dice what dentistry is really like dude about. Knowing one specific dentist's point of view (expertise/services) in great detail helps them really like dudette standout. It is an attempt to make possible for a dentist to find the sweet spot of content for as many 'specific' consumers (new dental patients) as possible. 

Obviously, dental branding not only about online textual development, it is integral to all marketing successes. Multi-various forms of communication must be employed from dental postcards and postings to online and outdoor advertising, consistently and frequently, as a practice budget can produce, many consumers and current patients.

Otherwise dentistry marketing will continue to do nothing more than in the past as to their dentistry/dental care.


20 Years of Concise Aloof––So Far Provides Flatline Proof: 


Let's Get REALLY About Dentistry Branding


Few people quit smoking because it is bad for them. They drop the habit because THEY find a way out, which can be almost anything. Except for someone else's admonishment, and the various tried and no-do myths created by the old and most of the new guard (as noted previously).

The only myth that actually works is the one I use on my teenagers (they don't smoke yet--so not for that). It is this simple, two sentence verse... "BECAUSE I SAID SO! THAT'S WHY!"

Of course, I don't recommend using it on actual dental patients. But if you are the dentist that does, please video record it, and I will play it on my YouTube Channel NicheDental2000/videos.

So what we are REALLY talking and writing profusely about is constantly dropping in content pertinent to all almost everything every type of person (dental consumer) would be interested in as powerful a format as possible. This concept sounds and looks like overkill. Well the statistics noted above would tend to prove otherwise; meaning spreading less data about the value of dentistry as a solution has terribly tanked over the years.

And while a down economy does not help, income is NOT gone, it is 'merely' reallocated to what each person considers a 'necessity' today. Let me see... If not true, then teeth falling out a consequence of modern living.

Dental brand building is a non-stop process; not dental health month once in awhile. Rather, dental health should be filling every micro second or as close as each dentist is able to define and refine their brand, and then redefine it again and again.


Beware Dissing Claimer: Dentists' logos are the only element that does not need to change over time: it can grow stale and stagnant, gathering color-penciled drawn cobwebs, and still depict ancient illiterate 'crowns' kinged long ago.

Thou beseech thee to avoid the following of the leaderless siren call belched by the by-the-bye bygones and anti-mod squads: Advance not ye teeth pulling gods, and filling hammering clods! 



In Nearby Conclusion

As we know (us learned in teeth chatters and experts in garrulous fields) consumers don't proceed with dental treatment merely because their teeth will fall out (or even are falling out). Dental visit fears, procrastination, and denial are not easily overcome. Niche Dental (that's me) focuses on reducing these roadblocks by communicating in an assertive, professional, consumer yet human (sometimes stuff & humid) and reality-comprehensive way.

The right brand prepares the ground for more fruitful action, like more new patients, and more patients doing more including a dentist's current patients. A Dental Brand involves almost everything you/the dentist are about.

Noted Below are many of the specific elements of 'who you/the dentist are' and who you/the dentist must understand you/the dentist are when it comes to the consumer audience and people who are already dental patients.

Finally, In Conclusion, Or Get a Clue Contusion

So on and so on, but to wrap this up...

Communicating in a connective, consistent and complete reality-induced way provides the consumer with the whole story. Nothing but the whole enchilada and various condiments, and comments.

Niche Dental offers individualized brand management to create strategic, long-term value:

To schedule a complimentary 15 to 30 minute consult with me*:

Call Oli @ 1+888.380.0020 , or get started on your dental marketing.


Dick Chwalek

    *Honestly, only 30 minutes, or ask me to end the call if I run on like this.

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