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Dental marketing has evolved significantly since the mid 1990's when Dick Chwalek, Niche Dental founder and director, began his career in the field. The Internet exploded on the scene about that time and everything local became international.

The value of a niche grew signicantly as well. Therefore, Dick made a decision when he first started his company to follow the niche concept. Originally naming his company Niche Agency. He left the first dental marketing company he worked for to start Niche Agency.

Starting from scratch with only a few dental clients and agreeing to avoid direct competition with his former employer for a short time - he kept his options open by leaving dental out of the company name.

Within a year Dick realized that by using a powerful web strategy and focusing nationally on a smaller subset of dental clientele - those looking to build value not just crank out patients - he could create a viable business model solely in the dental industry that would thrive! In 2003 Niche Agency became Niche Dental!

While dentists and many labs are not nationally focused, Dick has been able to develop powerful niche and brand strategies locally and regionally for his dentist and dental clients. Strategies that overcome what others figure can only be done via a pricing and "discount the value of your expertise" concept.

To start ringing the phones with dental patients and customers that want and will pay for your level of service, schedule a consultation with Dick Chwalek - Email or Call 866-453-1026

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