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  • The need for real change in how dental marketing is done is painfully obvious. It is about time we did this the right way. Connect the dots to superior communication.


    Dental Care, Dentists Visits Statistics

    While dentists like you see the statistics in graphic detail, too many patients and consumers are missing the message. The evidence is overwhelming...

    • • 50% of the population is not accessing dental care on a regular basis
    • • 40% of that 50% is actually considered to be high income consumers!
    • • On average 22% of the population will lose ALL of their teeth by age 65
    • • No increase in dental visits over the last 14 years!

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    The only way to make real strides is a connective approach...

    • • One-off marketing concepts too often merely tread water.
    • • Inflexible systems seriously limit your potential to provide consistently appropriate treatment.
    • • The lack of proactive, connective consistency greatly inhibits the enhancement of oral health appreciation.

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