April 1, 2008

I Breathe Niche - Why Dentists Like You Should Too!

What dentists are saying: “For nine years I did not advertise my dental practice and now I need to do something.” “I have always had very good success but now things have slowed down a lot.” “My dental practice management group says I need to keep assuming the (dental insurance) position even though it devalues my expertise.”

Maybe those comments sound familiar to you too. While these remarks are more frequent in the last six months, they are similar to what many other dentists have told me over the years. This economy makes it more obvious, but they have hit the wall of ‘everything’ reality. Being everything has hidden the value of their dentistry expertise.

Here are a few things you can do: Be less. Be different. Breathe Niche.

Niche Dental helps dentists define their niche so consumers see their expertise as valuable no matter what the environment. Get Your Niche Now. Email or Call 866-453-1026

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