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Posted by niche on Mar 19, 2009


Patient Communication Systems

braces_invisalign_hackettstown_nj_cosmetic_dentistry_orthodontics_crop Keep in touch. Stay connected. Communicate for success: yours and your patients. Online dental practice communication systems are all the rage. The dentistry marketing secret you will only hear here. Listen close... They work!

Oh yah, most communication works. Is online any better? In some ways, maybe. The lack of conversing with your patients is what does not work. Internet and cell phone based communication is just how many people get information now. Humans need communication to do anything. Technology adds a digital layer to it.

Use the telegraph if it means you will present your dental brand and health information consistently. Just converse and then converse again whether it is root canals in West Chester or smile makeovers in Connecticut. Communication will heal many dentistry problems. Including being filling out another pillar of your dental marketing strategy.

I work with clients that use and I have been trying to increase their use of the system. The other dental appointment system I like is

Another online system I have seen out there and some of my dentist-clients have brought up is Sesame Communications.

I spent some time talking with a trainer from Smile Reminder today to learn more about how the system can help my dentists. He mentioned how a dentist recently sent an email to his patients about Invisalign - and the next day three signed up to proceed. Of course, the first mailing is often the biggest producer - but continuing the conversation will get others to move in the right direction as well.

The cost is about the same for each of these online dental visit recall and referral building systems - $300/month.

They will help your cosmetic or implant dentistry practice find your patients where they are at. Ending no shows and cancellations and encouraging complete usage of your cosmetic dentistry services and smile makeover expertise. Build referrals and increase smile health appreciation with better dental marketing.

Each one has a different benefit element or two to help your dental office improve its revenue base and smile health outreach. Here are some to look for...

  • Partnerships with other online sources (like Google)
  • Text Messaging - patients can refuse them on their cell phone to avoid charges
  • Automatic Phone Call Reminders for Dental Visits
  • Dentist Video Uploading and Distribution
  • Payment Portal for dental treatment
  • Invisalign 'braces' Case Development - Shows Patient's Teeth Straightening
  • Patient Can Opt In and out of Emails, texting, newsletters online for dental has Google as a "partner"

Sesame seems to be the only one of my top three that has "phone" reminders

Smile Dash is the Dental Patient Payment Portal

Smile Reminders also does the dentist video

Sesame also does dental practice websites and dentistry SEO. But I think that is like the phone company also renting you your office space.  What happens when you want to move your dental website and/or your communication system? It gets kind of complicated to grow in a different direction. Never get to involved with a "system" - when the coal mine you work for has also owns runs the clinic - who's going to tell you about black lung.

No matter what system you get. It still requires someone to get it done. I help my dentist-clients get it done. Plus I add more to it.

Your dental brand should also be fully developed to make sure your practice keeps thriving. You need to do more than just send emails - you must communicate!

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