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More new patients. Patients who value your higher level dental services. Consumers who are ready to accept your smile treatment recommendations before they walk in the door.

These are the goals Niche Dental clients have. Simple to write about; complex to overcome. Yet there are many examples where these goals have been reached, in dentistry and in other industries.

The difficulties are often related to how a service or product is communicated. Having the "best" service, expertise or product does not predict success. Dentists, dental labs and other dental companies need to combine an effective channel of "distirbution" and consumer oriented communication to make things work.

While everyone needs dental care, they can avoid it, put it off, fear it and be ignorant of what is possible. Luckily, this state-of-affairs can be reversed. Unfortunately, dental practices too often are waiting for the consumer to realize the "error of their ways" and look them up in the Yellow Pages or online.

Communication in dentistry is at a crossroads. You need a strategy that will put your dental services and expertise in front of the public so they make decisions faster and more frequently that benefit you and the consumer as well.

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