Oral Surgeons' Web site Videos

Posted by niche on Jun 25, 2008

Dental website strategies are moving towards video very fast. General, cosmetic, smile makeover dentists, and oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists, and orthodontists need a high level of communication to achieve the right level of trust. Dental videos help move people faster to a decision.

Dental Specialty Group, a Niche Dental client, has taken patient testimonials to the next level with their dental web site video presentations. 

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Dental Marketing FAQs Comparison

Posted by niche on Jun 20, 2008

What are the most frequently asked dental marketing questions? As a dental marketing coach and consultant working with many dentists over the course of a year, I see that dentistry and marketing have a lot in common.

Dentistry patients have similar questions that many dentists need answered. Some issues are more easily dealt solved; others are more problematic and difficult to traverse. Dentists answer some questions in generalities: like diagnosing over the phone. To dental patients, it can sound like avoidance, but it often falls into the reasonable “we need to do a complete oral exam to make sure” category.

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Dental Brands Or Logos: Which Is Better?

Posted by niche on May 12, 2008

Dental Practices have two goals: serving their patients and making money. Dentists not making money will not be able to serve patients. Everything stops without the dollars. Dental logos, no matter how artistically pleasing, are not cash machines. Dental branding on the other hand can be your PIN number to success.

Maybe you have asked yourself this question: Do I really need a logo? Actually, no dental practice needs a logo. Yet every business needs a brand.

The right dental brand helps the consumer make faster, more accurate decisions:

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Navigate Downturn With Dental Marketing

Posted by niche on May 10, 2008

Economic downturns put consumers in a wait and see, not unless it is vital, only things I (or my family) really need or want… mode. Maybe you can wait out the slack in your dental office as well - but in reality consumers are still spending as much as they did before.

Some have just decided dentistry is one of the things they will put aside often because there is no voice in their head telling them to make it a higher priority. Improving communication is the only way to make headway, clear a path, and produce an up tick in dental practice revenues!

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Smile Makeovers Marketing Quandary

Posted by niche on Apr 20, 2008

> Why Do Consumers Put It Off?

They really need a smile makeover, but don't want one. They want one, but can't afford it now. They come in excited about their smile dream, and leave bewildered about the dental fees. How can denitsts get more ready-to-accept-treatment smile makeover clients?

The dentist has done everything the way the experts say but it's not paying off. The dentist is presenting all the smile possibilities, offering payment plans, and doing advanced cosmetic dentistry CE. These dentists have all the cool dental technology, the high-end new dental practice, and the best dental team. They have a great dental logo and a darn  good dental web site!

Yet these dentists only average about one smile makeover case a month, less than seven units. Perhaps, they do a bit more but it's still not fulfilling. So why is all this *#@#$@! (or stuff) not creating the type of clients these highly trained dentists want?

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April Marketing Newsletter: Breathe Niche Too!

Posted by niche on Apr 05, 2008

In the April Newsletter...

I Breathe Niche - Why Dentists Like You Should Too!

Track Your Dental Marketing Success Like This

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Turn Around Dental Marketing

Posted by niche on Mar 09, 2008

The Sameness Stampede Saps Value

There are two ways to approach dental marketing: compete or turn around. Competing marketing is very challenging and costly in many ways because there are numerous players. Turn Around marketing is like judo: using the "generic heft and creative complacency" of this large group to take advantage of what they cannot see or target.

Competing dental marketing players are looking for everyone to be their dental patients. They see this huge mass of dental consumers and wonder why they can't get a large chunk of them. They want to fill the dental chairs and maybe at some point move them to higher-level procedures like cosmetic dentistry.

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Niche Dental February Newsletter

Posted by niche on Mar 03, 2008 Debut!

You’re here. The New Niche for dentistry communication strategies. is positioned to present dentistry in a way that improves the flow of patients to your practice.

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Blog: Ophthalmology Is Better Than Dentistry

Posted by niche on Feb 26, 2008

I get done speaking about dental marketing at a convention seminar in Las Vegas. As I put away my materials, I heard a few doctors talking about dentistry. This would have been totally expected if it were other dentists. Except it was a group of eye doctors.

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Dental Practice: OSHA Back to Basics

Posted by niche on Feb 11, 2008

• What needs to be in your OSHA/Infection Control/X-Ray Manual

There many elements to running a successful dental practice. Everyone in the dental office from dentist to hygienist should be part of providing a safe environment for your team, your practice, and your patients. Following are the basic elements to consider and develop to make this possible.

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