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Posted by niche on Oct 01, 2018


Welcome to Wednesday's… Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


How the program ended Monday of last week, 07-18… 

-- NO PROGRAM yesterday

That's why my services go beyond the traditional and status quo of a passive marketing source. Dentists need a source of marketing that engages directly with businesses, individuals and media on Twitter to push it to do its utmost for their dental practice.



Twitter marketing for dentists provides a way to enter into a regular "conversation" with local residents. Each interaction improves trust in the dentist, builds up loyalty, and improves the value perception of dentistry. The conversation creates a community of local Twitterers.

Building up trust is one of the most important parts of a dental team's relationship with a patient. Without trust, not much is accomplished. Twitter is able to increase trust through relationship building, interactions with businesses, individuals, and media.

It is also possible for the trust to become loyalty over time. Consistent trust development gets us to a loyal relationship. Basic communication and proximity (on Twitter) make all of it possible. Dentists can benefit from my services in this way. Creating many referral agents.

Twitterers who spend at least some time each day on Twitter have a decent promotional presence, and likely are interested in improving that through co-promotion. Using my services dentists can develop an effective co-promotion alliance with various local Twitterers.

When dentists use Twitter as merely a message launching platform, there is very little impact on the local community. My Twitter marketing services directly engage local Twitterers, introducing them to the dental practice through a nonthreatening, non-confrontational method.

Why wouldn't a dentist want to be "involved" in their local community this way? The only reason I can see any aversion to it is because it's new. Otherwise, this introduction process that turns into a trust increasing relationship, loyalty building and value improving, is a must!

Yet, most dentists already ensconced in Twitter marketing are much less likely to move to something besides automation, which is likely less expensive than my personalized service. That said, some dentists may want to try my service as a way to avoid missing out on its value.

Finally, the service fee is $575/month, three month minimum. Dentists can expect a continuous, and comprehensive search for local Twitterers to engage with. Additionally, 4 of every 5 tweets focused on engaging local Twitterers as well as various bonus links, posts, and other SEO.


That's The End Of Today's… 

Niche Dental Twitter Marketing for Dentists Hour!


Richard The Chwalek 

Please contact me, RTC, via this email:


Eco@nichedental•com for more info on my recognition to reciprocation strategy.


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